Mehdi Qamoum




Mehdi Qamoum known as MediCament with a spiritual voice and his play with Guembri in the traditional music of Gnawa heals all the ills of the soul. He is a young artist from Agadir born in 1991. Since the beginning of his career he founded a band of traditional music under the name of Ouled Bambara in 2009-2010, then he joins Jazzawyia an association where he met several artists and musicians playing different styles of music other than his own which allowed him to develop his musical level in the World Music. Within the Jam Session which is organised every saturday where those musicians meet to play freely their musical styles and create a fusion, he created his own personal projects such as Zawya band and other musicians with whom he collaborated on big stages like Mawazine, Timitar, Boulevard Casa, Festival National of Rabat, Kriol Jazz in Cap Vert with Jbara and Mehdi Nassouli beside that he had the opportunity to participate in the big society Disney World and to make a musical tour in the United States with Ribab Fusion, which encouraged him to promote the moroccan culture outside his native country and make proud his origins. The group MediCament starts every one of his shows with a variety of traditional gnaoua as an introduction to guide the public to the world of the Gnawa music with only the instrument Guembri then introduces the other instruments guitar, bass, keyboard and drums to insinuate the World Music to the public greedy to discover this new world in all its beauty. When he returned, he developed his project Mehdi Qamoum (MediCament) in different stages such as Les nuits de Ramadan, a live show in Renaissance cafe in Rabat and Festival Aknari in Sidi ifni.


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